The GenY Manifesto


If you’re interested in working with and selling to the digital natives (Born 1977-1989 apparently), you might find this little piece interesting (Circa 2007):

The Gen Y Manifesto

1. Stop calling us “Gen-Y”.

2. We don’t believe anything you say or do anymore so stop trying.

3. We think that we rule the world.

4. We think that we have grown up being so connected to everyone and everything.

5. We think that if you want our support then you must give us control.

6. We think that we want everything before we know we want it.

7. We think that thanks to you, we no longer have an “attention span”. We think that getting our “attention” isn’t possible now.

8. We think that demographic categorisation with us is an impossibility. Use it to earn our disdain. (We can’t spell very well either)

9. We think that we’re nine times more intelligent, confident, wordly, ambitious and driven than you were at our age.

10. We think that we’re ten times more flawed, but will rarely admit it. Plus we think our flaws make us cool.

11. We think that despite all of our independence we are totally dependent on technology. This makes us even cooler.

12. We don’t know what to demand until you sell it to us in a way that we think we came up with it on our own.

13. We want it NOW damn it!”

14. We think that the above points will be added and subtracted to, twist and change for all the different groups, subgroups, niches and niches within niches within niches that characterise those in our “generational age bracket”. Playing by one “set of rules” will be met with limited success.(We still can’t spell – OR – construct a sentence.)

I’m not sure if that will helps, but maybe it will help you be more understanding.  



Not sure of it’s origin.  I came across it on a site in the “Way Back machine” by a fellow named Alex.  (was

There’s another copy here :

Picture Credit – Mike Cogh


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