Product Development

The recipe for creating an outstanding product

How do you develop an original product? Hard question. Bad question. There are very few products that aren’t derived from some earlier idea. I’m reminded of this daily when I overhear recycled 80s songs being played on the radio.

Here’s a question that might get you somewhere :

How do you develop a remarkable product? A remarkable product may do the same thing as the competition, but there’s something about it that made you buy it. It may be something remarkable.

In the books “Purple cow” and “Free Prize Inside”, the marketing guru Seth Godin shows how a product has to stand out. To stand out it has to go to the “edge” somehow, to stand out from the rest.

Here’s a way of finding that edge:

1. Find a product or service completely unrelated to your industry
2. Find out who is leading by being remarkable
3. Discover the “edge” they went to
4. Do that in your industry

Of course this recipe applies to more than marketing.

Many remarkable innovations and advances happen in areas as diverse as science, art and computer programming when we look to other fields for inspiration.

Make your next product remarkable.


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