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People in Business


“Dealing with, getting along with, and associating with other people is the business we are all in” – James Tollison


Effective and productive relationships with our colleagues and associates can be a source of great emotional satisfaction.  Alternately, our work relationships can also be a source of our greatest heartache.

Other people can have a major effect on our energy levels.   We need energy to get our job done and to put up with others.  Unfortunately having to put up with people can drain that energy. 

Often our family relationships get duplicated at work.  The extent and nature of our unresolved family issues can influence the way we react to people’s behaviour at work.  Certain behaviour patterns may unconsciously trigger unresolved family problems.    Some symptoms of family dysfunction that we may find ourselves playing out at work could include abuse, abandonment, neglect and enmeshment.

Although we may assume that aggressive negative behaviours are a result of the bad upbringing of others, it’s more helpful to think more about our response to behaviours.  Are we misinterpreting cues? Are we overreacting?  Ultimately we are the ones that can determine our response to many things, why not our reaction to the behaviour of others? 

We can observe ourselves and the roles we play.  We can monitor our responses to particular individuals and situations, and take note of our repetitive behaviour.  We can also study and become aware of how others react to our behaviours.  We can learn a great deal from our clients, peers and associates.



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