Livening it Up


Can you read minds? You might not think so but you read the minds, in a way, of people you know every day. We do this by appraising people’s attitude.

We perceive their attitude naturally, not only by what they say but their attitude.

Good actors, convincing actors, in a sense aren’t really actors at all. They truly feel the emotions and attitudes they convey on screen.

As Cedric Hardwicke says,“When [actors] are talking, they are servants of the dramatist. It is what they can show the audience when they are not talking that reveals the fine actor.”

They have to do this, they’ve got to or their performance will not be convincing.

To have a positive effect on others, we need to cultivate positive attitudes. The book the “Magic of Thinking Big” encourages three attitudes that will make you more effective and develop yourself as a leader. These are :

1. Growing the attitude of “I’m activated”
2. Growing the attitude of “You are important”
3. Grow the attitude of “Service First”

The first point refers to enthusiasm. Without enthusiasm, people will be repelled by you and your message. “To activate others, to get them to be enthusiastic, you must be enthusiastic yourself.”

I’ve often wondered why train spotters get so excited about their hobby. I mean I like trains as much as the next guy, but these people will wait in the rain for hours in order to spot a new type. I’m sure you’ve wondered about others things as well. How can they be so enthusiastic?

One way to become enthusiastic about something is to increase the depth of your knowledge about that thing. It helps to research and read about the subject, but talking to someone who knows a great deal about it may also help.


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